TicketCard by Edenred

Download smart mobile application TicketCard by Edenred. Functional for the Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. An outlet search engine with geo location and search by given parameters. Current available balance on the card displayed at any time, regardless of where you are at the moment. Display of the transaction history. Problem reporting function in case of payment failure at an affiliated outlet.

The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play, Apple Store and Windows Store.

TicketCard by Edenred

Your personal online account

If you have activated your card online, your online personal account for the card is now in place. With this account you will be able to check anything related to your Edenred payment cards at any time.

What can your personal account do?

  • Activate your card
  • Check the available balance in your account
  • Check the transaction history in your account
  • Display a forgotten PIN code (personalised card)
  • Block your card in case of loss or damage
  • Change your personal data

Online account

E-Pay by Edenred

In some of our partners you will meet with payment via mobile devices. You will therefore be asked to pay the merchant manner by aligning the card to a mobile device that has a loaded application E-pay by Edenred. If the transaction exceeds CZK 500, you will be prompted to enter a PIN.

Attention! Your PIN for the E-Pay by Edenred would have to set up in your user account. You can find it under the tab E-PIN.